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Parents Foundation for Transitional Living

A transitional residential facility for adults with mental illness in New Haven, Connecticut.

Parents’ Foundation for Transitional Living provides three levels of transitional living and long-term care for adults with mental illness. We can also be a permanent home for those that it is appropriate for. We offer a supportive, homelike setting that allows our residents to manage their mental illness so they can live productive lives in the community while enjoying as much independence as possible.

Parents’ Foundation for Transitional Living

100 Broadway

New Haven, CT 06511

Contact: Kyleigh Marrero, Director of Admissions

Phone: 203-776-3236

Fax: 203-782-9100

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  • Program types:  Group residential, Apartment-based

  • Location:  New Haven, CT

  • Environment:  Single and shared rooms in a home-like urban setting

  • Number of residents:  30

  • Gender:  All

  • Ages:  18+

Conditions treated include:

  • Schizophrenia

  • Schizoaffective disorder

  • Bipolar

  • Severe anxiety

  • Depression

Services include:

  • 24-hour per day residential support

  • Medication monitoring

  • Individual case management

  • A robust in-house recovery and enrichment program

  • Coordination with community treatment providers

  • In-house cook who provides meals

A Welcoming Home for Adults with Mental Illness

Located near Yale University in the city of New Haven, Connecticut, Parents’ Foundation for Transitional Living offers a welcoming home for adults who have a mental illness. All our residents receive their psychiatric care from providers in the community. Residents and their treatment providers determine the level of care that is appropriate for their mental health needs. New Haven offers a broad variety of psychiatric treatment options including psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed therapists, intensive outpatient programs, and cutting-edge research programs. The direct care staff at Parents’ Foundation work closely with the resident, the family, and treatment providers to support each resident’s participation in treatment.

Application Process and Cost Information

After the initial screening call with our Director of Admissions, family members and prospect residents are invited for a tour and an interview (can be offered virtually). An admissions application must be submitted for final review. Parents’ Foundation is private pay, with fees ranging from $8,000 to $10,000, depending on the type of room available. We do not get state or federal funds or insurance reimbursement, and we are not a Medicaid or Medicare provider.

Who is Right for Parents’ Foundation Living?

In order to reside at Parents’ Foundation, adults who are 18 years or older with mental illness must be able to:

  • Live safely in our building

  • Live safely in a busy urban setting

  • Live cooperatively with other residents

  • Practice basic hygiene skills

  • Willingly participate in groups and activities

  • Follow program rules

  • Work cooperatively with medical and psychiatric treatment providers

  • Comply with providers’ psychiatric and physical care recommendations

Parents’ Foundation is not the right setting for anyone who:

  • Has been abusing substances

  • Is suicidal

  • Is harmful to themselves or others

  • Is destructive of property

  • Finds it difficult to limit their time on electronic devices

Three Levels of Supported Residential Living

At Parents’ Foundation, residents have the ability to transition to greater levels of independence and responsibility. Residents start at our Residential Living Center, which offers the highest level of supervision and support. As they progress, they have the option to move to supervised apartments within the residence.  Some residents may then transition to their own apartments within the community and still receive support services at Parents’ Foundation.