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A farm-based residential treatment program in Western Massachusetts for people with mental illness.

Gould Farm is a residential therapeutic community located on a 700-acre working farm nestled in the Berkshires.

Gould Farm

100 Gould Road

Monterey, MA 01245

Contact: Tamara McKernan, Admissions Director

Phone: 413-528-1804

Fax: 413-645-1022

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  • Program types: Clinical residential, Farm/work-based

  • Location: Monterey, MA

  • Environment: Rural setting on a 700-acre working Farm; single bedrooms and shared baths

  • Number of residents: 44

  • Gender: All

  • Ages: 18+

Conditions treated include:

  • Schizophrenia

  • Schizoaffective disorder

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Major depression

  • Dual diagnosis

  • Other mental health conditions

Services include:

  • Psychiatric evaluations

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Medication monitoring

  • Staff coverage 24-7

  • Case management and coaching

  • Integrated wellness strategies and supports

  • Substance abuse recovery groups

  • Transition and community integration services

Gould Farm: Pioneering Mental Health Recovery since 1913

Established in 1913, Gould Farm stands as America’s pioneering and first farm-based residential treatment program dedicated to adults recovering from serious mental illness. Nestled on a sprawling 700-acre working farm in New England, our program is a therapeutic community committed to guiding individuals with psychiatric disorders toward recovery, improved health, and heightened independence. This is achieved through a combination of community living, meaningful work, and personalized clinical care tailored to address their mental health challenges.

Within our supportive community, which encompasses residents, dedicated staff, and their families, we specialize in assisting adults dealing with conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric issues. Our approach is centered around providing a nurturing environment where individuals can begin the process of restoring their mental health and rebuilding their lives.

For over a century, Gould Farm has been a sanctuary for adults facing mental health challenges, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. Our residents become integral members of an authentic, multi-generational community that includes peers, volunteers, staff members, and their families—all residing on our expansive 700-acre property. Through shared meals, festive celebrations, and the embrace of farm traditions, community members are not only celebrated for their talents but also appreciated for their strengths in an environment that fosters healing and growth.

Fostering Mental Health through Purposeful Engagement

At Gould Farm, adults contending with mental illness discover a stable and supportive environment where they actively engage in meaningful activities. Whether caring for animals, tending to gardens, baking breads and pastries, preparing meals, or contributing to the operations of a small store and cafe, our residents play a vital role in the collective effort to meet the community’s needs.

Within this collaborative work setting, our dedicated team leaders offer valuable support, assisting residents in managing their psychiatric symptoms on the job, grounding them in their tasks, and fostering relationships with co-workers. Residing in our residential treatment community and actively participating in farm-related work not only nurtures a sense of purpose but also equips individuals with essential life and pre-vocational skills. These skills form a crucial foundation for a successful transition to paid employment and eventual independent living.

Research underscores the positive impact of meaningful work on individuals dealing with mental illness. Engaging in work has been linked to improved medication compliance, reduced symptoms, and a decreased likelihood of relapses. At Gould Farm, we recognize the transformative power of purposeful engagement, and our program is designed to facilitate this journey toward improved mental health and increased independence.

Comprehensive Mental Health Care for Lasting Well-Being

At Gould Farm, our on-site clinical staff is dedicated to delivering comprehensive mental health care, ensuring the well-being of our guests. This commitment includes psychiatric evaluations, individual and group counseling, as well as around-the-clock medication monitoring, with coverage provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Throughout their stay at the Farm, each guest is paired with a clinician who provides continuous support, offering services ranging from individual therapy and case management to coaching, spanning from orientation to discharge planning.

Emphasizing whole-person healing as a top priority, Gould Farm’s clinicians, residential advisors, and work team leaders collaborate in an integrated manner to bolster each individual’s recovery journey. In addition to mental health services, our clinical team actively supports wellness activities designed to enhance lifelong physical health. These activities encompass hiking in our forest, engaging in yoga and meditation, participating in nutrition counseling, and accessing resources for smoking cessation.

Gould Farm goes beyond the residential experience, offering a continuum of services that facilitate a supported transition to independent living. This ongoing support extends into the communities of the Berkshires and the Boston area. As a testament to our commitment to quality care, we are licensed with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.

Transformative Impact Through Rigorous Evaluation Since 1998

Gould Farm has maintained a commitment to rigorous evaluation and impact measurement since 1998, utilizing standardized psychiatric assessment tools such as the Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF), Basis-24, and Quality of Life Scale. In our ongoing research efforts, we systematically collect data on both current residents and those who have transitioned from Gould Farm, extending our evaluation period up to 36 months post-treatment.

The outcomes of our assessment efforts consistently reveal tangible and measurable improvements experienced by the majority of our guests as they progress through our residential treatment program and beyond. Post-discharge, guests demonstrate enhanced social functioning and increased integration into the community, marked by milestones such as securing employment, advancing their education, and establishing new social relationships. This evidence underscores the positive and lasting impact of the Gould Farm experience on the lives of those we serve. Learn more about our outcomes here.

Affordable Mental Health Support with Over 50% Benefiting from Financial Assistance

Gould Farm had always placed an emphasis on cultivating and preserving an authentic and diverse community. As part of our mission, affordability stands as a central tenet, and we are dedicated to ensuring financial accessibility. To achieve this, we employ a sliding fee schedule and collaborate with income-eligible applicants to establish their expected family contribution rate. Demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity, over 50% of our guests benefit from financial assistance to participate in the program.

In recognizing the multifaceted financial landscape, many residents complement private payment with assistance from sources such as Social Security, the Veterans’ Administration, and other third-party payers. It’s important to note that our standard program fee is typically not covered by medical insurance. While we encourage individuals to check with their insurance providers for covered services, it’s crucial to do so before submitting claims for reimbursement, as we are unable to directly bill insurance companies.

The journey of recovery is one we embark on collectively, and we invite you to reach out to us to discover more about this alternative and effective mental health program. Your inquiries are welcomed, and we are here to provide the information needed to navigate this path together.