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Formerly known as Merry Meadow Farm. A licensed therapeutic mental health community in Bradford, VT.

Averte is a licensed mental health residential treatment community blending group therapy, individual therapy, vocational support, and meaningful activities to help adults with mental illness maximize their potential.


2122 Lower Plain

Bradford, VT 05033

Contact: Abigail Schramm, Admissions Coordinator

Phone: 802-222-8028

Fax: 802-222-4882

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  • Program types:  Clinical residential, Group residential

  • Location:  Bradford, VT

  • Environment:  Private rooms and apartments in rural and urban environments

  • Number of residents:  44

  • Gender:  All

  • Ages:  18+

Conditions treated include:

  • Schizophrenia

  • Schizoaffective disorder

  • Bipolar

  • Depression

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Co-occuring disorders

Services include:

  • Group therapy

  • Individual CBT therapy

  • Vocational support group

  • Metacognitive training

  • Psychopharmacological counseling

  • Integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders

  • Illness management and recovery groups

  • Community integration and volunteer program

  • Stress management group

  • Art groups

  • Current events

  • Healthy living group

A Residential Treatment Facility with a Family-Style Atmosphere

Averte is a therapeutic community residence for adults with mental illness. Our four licensed facilities offer a total of 44 beds, including 37 private rooms and seven aftercare apartments. Averte is an unlocked facility offering a family-style atmosphere designed to make adults with mental health issues feel at home. We have a high staff-resident ratio, and offer staff availability 24 hours a day, but we do not continuously monitor residents.

A Safe, Welcoming Residential Environment for Adults with Mental Illness

Averte bridges the gap between the custodial care of an institution and the demands of independent living. We are home to adults with mental illness who cannot meet the current societal demands of living independently, but who want to enjoy a greater level of independence and self-fulfillment within a setting that will meet their mental health care needs. At Averte, we offer residential treatment for mental illness that emphasizes personal safety and the creation of a compassionate community where people with mental health disorders can feel at home.

Mental Health Therapy and Support to Live Healthy, Enriched Lives

At Averte, care for adults with mental illness is individualized, and emphasizes personal growth. Our professional staff provides psychotherapy, vocational support, pharmacological counseling, and other mental health treatment services that help people with psychiatric disorders develop positive alternatives to their habits and behaviors, leading them toward improved social skills and a greater level of self-esteem. Group therapy is offered weekly. In-house individual therapy is also available.

We understand that the goals of each person are different. Some Averte residents are working to transition into independent living, while others simply want to live better lives within the constraints of their mental illness. At Averte, we work to adapt our services to individual psychological, vocational, and social needs. Many of our residents are employed in the community, taking college courses, or volunteering their services. It’s all part of offering adults with mental health issues the therapy and support they need to live healthy, enriched lives.

A Philosophy of Respect and Physical and Mental Health

Averte offers a family-style environment structured around individual mental health, social, and vocational goals that allow each resident the room to grow at a comfortable pace. We strive to offer each resident the opportunity to be respected and appreciated for who they are, despite their current difficulties. We strive to help individuals explore their potential in a secure protective environment, reminding them that trying and not succeeding is not failure. And we promote not only mental, but physical health, encouraging residents to be physically active within their capabilities and comfort zones.