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EIKOS Community Services

Group-residential mental health treatment in the Chestnut Hill Reservoir neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

For over 40 years, EIKOS Community Services has been an innovative therapeutic residential community for adults with mental illness. We are located in Boston’s Chestnut Hill Reservoir neighborhood and convenient by public transportation to museums, medical facilities, educational and recreational opportunities. EIKOS provides mental health care for a variety of psychiatric diagnoses.

EIKOS Community Services

78 Englewood Ave.

Brighton, MA 02135

Contact: Barbara Deck PhD., Executive Director

Phone: 617-965-0777

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  • Program type: Group residential

  • Location: Brighton neighborhood in Boston, MA

  • Environment: Two large historical homes in a neighborhood setting

  • Number of residents: 25

  • Gender: All

  • Ages: 25+

Conditions treated include:

  • Schizophrenia

  • Schizoaffective disorder

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Major depression

  • Anxiety disorders

We do not take individuals with substance abuse or who are violent or actively suicidal.

Services include:

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Medication monitoring with full health team liaison and transportation as necessary

  • Life skills and employment support

  • Therapeutic/expressive groups

  • Health and wellness groups

  • Life skills and entertainment groups

  • Home-cooked meals with dietary individualization

  • Coached and targeted exercise programs

An Innovative Residential Treatment Program for Mental Illness

EIKOS Community Services is an innovative private psychiatric and social residential treatment program licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. At EIKOS, we focus on respect, compassionate care, and community as we help people respond to their mental health challenges in ways that build confidence, social skills, and self-esteem. Living at EIKOS is not practice for real life — it is real life.

A True Home for Adults with Mental Illness

The name “EIKOS” comes from the Greek word OIKOS which means “home, household or extended family community.” True to its name, EIKOS’ core philosophy is that everyone needs a place to feel safe and secure in a “true home.”

Nestled in a Boston residential community, EIKOS provides the safe structured feel of a family home for individuals with mental illness and other psychological and social needs. Here, residents find a welcoming social network of mental health counselors and peers. They develop new friendships with people who understand the challenge of living with mental illness and are committed to coping effectively with their psychiatric conditions. They experience the freedom to make fresh choices and decisions, and find the security they need to restore their mental health.

Individualized Psychiatric Treatment

AT EIKOS, we understand that every person’s mental health needs are unique and specific. We respond to this need with a high degree of individualization, and there are as many ways of using EIKOS as there are EIKOS residents.

Some residents come with specific, short term mental health goals and are able to meet them in three months (our minimum required stay) to eighteen months. Other residents need psychiatric care for longer periods of time, and find a home at EIKOS for many years. At EIKOS, we provide the support adults with mental illness need to reach a greater level of independence and to live a more fulfilling life. Our clients become respected and beloved community members in a way that many have not experienced before, and this sense of belonging contributes greatly to their improved mental health.

An Area Rich in Cultural and Mental Health Resources

The location of EIKOS provides our residents with a vast array of recreation and cultural resources. Our residential group homes are minutes away from both Boston College and Boston University. Downtown Boston and Cambridge are only a train or bus ride away. All of our houses are located within walking distance to the MBTA trains and the local MBTA bus routes. And for individuals looking for time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we are also located close to city parks and walking paths.

Boston is known as an international center of treatment for individuals with psychiatric disorders. EIKOS residents have access to a broad selection of therapists, psychiatrists, internists and other specialists, and when necessary some of the many well-known and respected outpatient mental health treatment programs.

EIKOS has established excellent collaborative relationships with the major Boston area hospitals and mental health organizations, including:

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

  • Elizabeth’s Medical Center

  • Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital

  • McLean’s Hospital

  • Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

  • Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services

  • Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

  • Vocational training and support programs

  • Educational and treatment centers

Cost and Length of Stay

The comprehensive fee for EIKOS is $14,000 per month. The first two months are paid at the time of admission. There is a three month minimum stay but no maximum.