Newman Community Residence

Address: 7951 Rt 22, Copake Falls, New York 12517
Phone: (518) 329-1107, Fax: (518) 329-1764

Contact: Karin Newman

NCR has provided Community living to individuals recovering from mental illness since l970. We are an affordable alternative to long-term care for those mentally ill person seeking a tranquil, stress free environment with kind, gentle, dedicated and supportive staff to help in the recovery process. 

 We are nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires on 10 acres and provide a home away from home to  persons suffering from chronic mental illness for 35 years.

Our purpose is to provide a safe, stable, supportive, friendly, therapeutic, home-like atmosphere to persons recovering from emotional and physical trauma associated with mental illness.

Newman Community Residence is one of only a handful of New York State Office of Mental Health certified Community Residences that is permitted to provide both long and short-term residential care specifically for and solely to individuals diagnosed with mental illness. We have been continually certified as such since l970 by the NYSOMH. 

Services offered at Newman Community Residence include effectively utilizing community services and the practice of daily living skills.  These services are designed to lessen stress associated with reintegration into community living with an emphasis on development of personal management skills in a supportive setting. 

We work closely with rehabilitative programs and individual  providers to give you assistance in all areas of your life helping  you to gain access to  community services, rehabilitative and social  programming, employment, schools, vocational training, volunteer work, social clubs.    We also provide you with supervision and support in keeping appointments for work, clinics, rehabilitative programs, physician appointments, etc.