Forty Seven Main Street, Inc.

Address: P.O.Box 38, (706 Main St), Castleton, Vermont 05735
Phone: 800-287-5325 or (802) 468-5325, Fax: (802) 468-5152

Contact: Willem Leenman

FortySeven Main Street, Inc. is a small community. Our residents may have Schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, schizo-affective disorder, depression, ADHD, or difficulties with motivation. We only accept male residents.

We grow much of our own food and spin and knit with our award-winning wool. Together we work, we recycle, we exercise, and we read, we play music and we care about our environment. In short, we pay attention to how we live our lives. In the process, we create an environment where everyone has a chance to grow. Since 1969, we have helped people and families deal with mental illness. Our residents are involved in our day program, work as volunteers in part or full-time jobs, and attend local colleges. We provide guidance and directions, vocational training, help with job placement, and provide supportive aftercare. Our dedicated staff has energy, compassion, and is well trained. If you are willing to put effort into making your life better, give us a call or visit

FortySeven Main Street, Inc. is located at 706 Main Street, Castleton Vermont, 05735-0038. Castleton is home to Castleton State College. We are 12 miles West of Rutland, under 160 miles Northwest of Boston, and 225 miles North of New York City.

FortySeven Main Street, Inc. is licensed by the state of Vermont as a TCR, Therapeutic Community Residence.