Angelus House -- The Wellspring Foundation

Address: 158 Flanders Rd, Bethlehem, Connecticut 06759
Phone: (203) 266-8002, Fax: (203) 266-8086

Contact: David Ferguson or Nancy Thurston

Angelus House is the Residential Adult Treatment Program of The Wellspring Foundation for individuals ages 18 and over. The small community, with a maximum of 10 residents, creates a family environment that can serve as an often-needed step between hospital and home or independent living.

Adults turn to Angelus House with a range of psychiatric and psychological disorders, including, bipolar, post traumatic, affective, personality, and eating disorders. Our therapeutic approach is based on the belief that beneath each person's sadness, anger, pain and stress lies an injured self that lacks the foundation of trust necessary for building healthy relationships. Our relational treatment model addresses this injury with both nurturance and structure to re-activate each person's ability to grow and thrive in a meaningful way.

The multi-disciplinary treatment team at Angelus House (Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Nurse, Social Worker, Substance Abuse Counselor, Milieu Counselor), work with each client to develop an individualized treatment plan to address specific needs and goals. Work on these goals is carried out through a wide range of individual and group therapies, with an emphasis on the emotional-expressive and creative-expressive modalities.

At Wellspring, we strive to maximize the functioning of each individual and we place an emphasis on maintaining an environment that is respectful of self and others. A strong emphasis on sharing and community places each individual at the center of a common experience with mutual support for healing and growth.

Outdoor activities, including nature programs and care of animals, rebuild the body and nurture the mind and spirit. This connection often serves as the bridge back to a life with purpose.

As a person stabilizes and strengthens, the work shifts to a more transition-oriented treatment with increased access to community life, through work, AA or school. Discharge planning, with active involvement by the individual, creates the steps needed for functional and meaningful life at home, with family, or in independent living.

The Wellspring Foundation is accredited by JCAHO and licensed by the State of Connecticut.